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Agan Aroma is a fully owned subsidiary of ADAMA Agricultural Solutions which offers numerous advantages including access to world leading production facilities in Israel and Asia, a vast raw material purchasing network, access to the Adama global supply-chain, research & development team collaboration, and extensive registration network and capabilities. Agan Aroma is now positioned as a launch pad of innovation and growth, to benefit all our customers and partners.

Over the years, Agan Aroma has partnered with other industry players, to bring to market cutting edge technologies and products. Currently we are partnering with Firmenich / Innovaroma for the production and marketing of Delta Damascone. Other collaborations involve partners from Europe, Asia and the US.



At Agan Aroma, we are at the forefront of cultivating new technologies and solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for scent applications. Close relationships with leading academic research centers in Israel and abroad add another dimension to our innovative ability and improved processes and technologies.

We pride ourselves on adopting advanced environmental protection technologies at our production facilities. In addition, we are able to take advantage of the growing self-sufficiency and economic advantages of Israel in terms of energy and water supplies.

The Agan Aroma brand continues to stand for the qualities of service, product and expertise our customers have learned to trust and value: Commitment to quality, Excellent technology, Integrity in business and Long-term Partnerships.