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Powerful and intensely green, grassy odor

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Chemical Name 3-hexen-1-ol
CAS Registry No 544-12-7
Structural Formula Structural Formula
Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight 100.16
Assay (GLC) 97% min. (sum isomers)
Specific Gravity (20/20º C) 0.847 – 0.853
Refraction Index (n20/D) 1.438 – 1.443
Flash Point 58°C (closed cup)
Acid Value 1.0 max.
Appearance Colorless liquid
Flavor & Odor Powerful and intensely green, grassy odor
Packaging 170 kg & 20 kg net, steel coated drums
Storage Store under cool and dry conditions. Containers should be nitrogen-cupped after opening.
Stability 18 months under the right storage conditions (above). After 18 months the product should be tested before use.