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Agan Aroma announces the launch of three aroma active ingredients. 08.23.17

Ashdod, Israel

In line with our strong commitment to expand and improve service to our customers, Agan Aroma is pleased to introduce three additional...

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Agan Aroma is launching Moodo, a smart scent delivery system.

Moodo allows users to select from a vari...

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Agan Aroma to partner with CAPL November 5, 12

Agan Aroma to partner with CAPL in a global production and commercialization collaboration: East meets west in an exciting partnership

Agan Aroma &CAPL have created a partnership to build the world’s most advanced and innovative Musk(Astromusk) manufacturing plant in India. This will ensure the quality supply of this important fragrance ingredient and further benefit our customers from the proximity to emerging markets. The official announcement of the collaboration took place at a cocktail reception during The International Federation of Essential Oils &Aroma Trades (IFEAT) conference in Singapore.