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Agan Aroma announces the launch of three aroma active ingredients. 08.23.17

Ashdod, Israel

In line with our strong commitment to expand and improve service to our customers, Agan Aroma is pleased to introduce three additional...

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AGAN AROMA IS LAUNCHING MOODO January 17, 17 image mew

Moodo is an IoT Scent Mixer That Lets you Customize Your Home’s Fragrance from Your Phone

Moodo, a customizable IoT scent mixing system, is launching today to complete the expanding smart home market. Designed to let users create a multitude of customizable fragrances, this IoT device offers complete control over all aspects of fragrance and personalization, straight from your smartphone. Unlike other solutions which are just fragrance diffusers, Moodo is the only one that actually mixes scent capsules and creates personalized scents.

Moodo offers multiple fragrance capsules that can be loaded into the device, and mixed together to create a limitless number of fragrance options. Up to four different fragrance capsules can be used simultaneously, and using a “synthesizer” on the app, users can vary the intensity of each scent capsule to create a personalized mix. Users can then save, recall, share, and fine tune their library of scents for endless unique fragrances.

Additionally, Moodo offers a selection of carefully composed, preset “scent-scenes,” comprised of four fragrance capsules. Designed by leading French perfumers, these fragrance profiles have been tested to work together no matter the intensity at which individual users set each capsule. Each scent-note and scene are created to evoke an emotion or mood. Moodo users can select a preset scene, adjust the fragrance levels to suit their tastes, and share with the Moodo community entirely through the app.

Moodo’s patented technology allows users the freedom to wirelessly:

  • Express: Users select carefully designed scent-scenes, with the ability to balance each note to reflect their mood
  • Mix it Up: Using the Moodo App, users vary the intensity of each scent-capsule
  • Connect: Each Moodo is operated and controlled via Bluetooth or Wifi
  • Control: Through the app, users can decide when Moodo should turn on, and

which “scene” to play, even when away from home.
Moodo users are part of a community where personalized fragrance combinations can be shared between members, via the Moodo mobile app.  

Visit Moodo website http://moodo.co/