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Agan Aroma is launching Moodo, a smart scent delivery system.

Moodo allows users to select from a vari...

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Agan Aroma announces the launch of three aroma active ingredients. August 23, 17

Ashdod, Israel

In line with our strong commitment to expand and improve service to our customers, Agan Aroma is pleased to introduce three additional aroma ingredients: Aganile, Pomelone and greenleaf.

Aganile provides a fresh aroma, evoking floral, geranium and grapefruit notes. It is highly attractive for functional perfumes. Pomelone offers notes of citrus, grapefruit, vetiver and green odor and is a perfect choice to boost grapefruit elements. greenleaf is a novel ingredient which provides an intense green and grassy odor. It is a unique isomeric profile of leaf alcohol which offers a fresh and of note, more cost-effective approach to deliver a compelling, natural green ambiance.

These new launches along with our recent launch of the Moodo® smart home fragrance system, reflect our ongoing strategy of building on capabilities in science and R&D, world class aroma ingredients sites in Israel and attention to quality and service as strong foundations for growth.